UPIX – unidentified pictures

Here are some pics I got from friends and family over the last months. I hope they will forgive me for sharing them with you. I don’t post anything too personal or private.

Guess who send me the iranian orange… (Answers in the comment section pls)

Hint: My sister currently lives in Taipei.

a scale…

I guess I’m not the only one who cannot remember the context in which some pictures were sent to me. In fact I get most of them in Whatsapp-messages. Too bad because that way I can’t really keep in mind when and on what occasion they were taken, or why they were sent to me.


I guess in the end the only important thing is the picture itself. The naked, unidentified record of something that vanished just a second after it was taken. A photographic, or a digital, trace of a moment in time.

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