La nouvelle pop française

Let’s write this one in English.

Recently I’ve been listening to new french-speaking artists. It started around Christmas when I was staying at my parent’s place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. They were listening to Angèle, a belgian singer-songwriter, who makes really good french pop.

Speaking about young belgian artists, one must think of Stromae. I’ve listened to his album “Racine carrée” several times, sometimes following the lyrics closely (great feature on Apple Music!). At the end of the lyrics I found out about his real name: “Written by: Paul Van Haver.” Angèle is also a “van” something, her full name is Angèle Van Laeken.

Aliose, the fusion of Alizé Oswald and Xavier Michel, who I discovered on swiss TV, is the swiss equivalent. It’s not as “groovy”, a little cheesy sometimes, but nice too.

And then there’s the “real” french pop. I mean the french pop from France. That’s for example Vianney, who is featured in a great song by Boulevard des Airs.

Or, on a more melancholic note, Tim Dup, who has a whole new album. I knew TER Centre, in which he sings about a typical train ride in France. To sum it up: There are lots of new talented francophone artists waiting to be discovered by you!

And one more by Angèle…

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