E-cars, green class etc.

The future is green. Future generations will probably not be as dependent on fuel of all kinds as we are. Lots of effort is being put into the development of renewable energy, like hydraulic or solar power for example.

With this green turn comes a growing market for E-cars. Tesla is one of the first brands, who jumped on the train and now one the fastest growing worldwide. German car manufacturers like Audi will eventually catch up but for now Tesla is the leading brand.

Considering all this and being aware that the future cannot be based on fossile energy I am going to live the dream and have a test drive with a Tesla Model S today.

I do this just for fun and because I’m curious how it feels to drive a Tesla. And who knows maybe in a near future we’ll be able to afford a Model 3, which is supposed to be the Volkswagen of E-cars…

But besides cars, public transports are also becoming greener. Hybrid buses are appearing in our cities and the SBB (swiss national railway company) just launched the “green class”, meaning several monthly passes combining the railway network & the rent for an E-car (Tesla, Toyota etc.) to make your mobility as clean as possible. The prices are very high atm and I don’t think they will find a lot of customers but the idea is good.

Hands off… crazy.

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