A day in the jungle

Even though we (Elâ my girlfriend and I), have been living in Zurich for several years now, we had never visited the Zoo so far. Last Saturday we decided to check it out and we were very impressed.

Pink flamingos

The Zoo Zurich is huge and has had new installations done regularly in the last years. I had never seen the elephant house nor the center for Australian animals with its cute Koalas and Kangaroos.

A wolf

This is a shot of a sleeping wolf; not a dog! One can still encounter them in some parts of Switzerland and northern Italy.

The monkey house

A classic venue at the Zurich Zoo is the monkey house. I remembered it from my childhood visits and it didn’t disappoint me. I find it very amusing to stare at all kinds of apes going about their daily business. On our tour we saw a Chimpanzee swinging from branch to branch, a baby monkey clinging to his mother and a huge Gorilla male turning his grey back against the visitors.

Lion king

This lion obviously doesn’t fear the cold. He rules over the lion perimeter, which has been renewed and offers the fellins quite a big space compared to the cages of the past.

Enjoying the Masoala climate

Last but not least we entered the huge Masoala green house. It’s a reconstruction of the biotop at Masoala National Park in Madagascar. What better way to spend a cold Saturday than strolling in an artificial jungle full of banana trees and populated by little monkeys and birds?

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