Cemetery of empires

There is a 4 episode documentary about the history of Afghanistan from the fall of the Monarchy in the 60ies until today. In the first part we learn about the former afghan king, the subsequent rise of the communist party under the former’s king cousin, who was later murdered in a Coup d’Etat. Later the islamic Party took over…

This documentary is a good catch up for all of you, who like me, don’t know more than the war Bush started 20 years ago and even in regards to that particular war, I am not too sure of the reasons: Was it to avenge the 3000 Americans, who died on 9/11 2001? I remember it took them some time to track down Bin Laden in Afghanistan… More on this terrible day in US history here.

I’m going back to watching the Arte documentary and hope to understand the current situation a little better after that. Feel free to comment and post more documentaries on the topic in the field below.

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