Twilight for Halloween 🎃

I admit, Twilight isn‘t exactly a master piece or a must see film but nevertheless a box office hit worth seeing for Bella (Kristen Steward) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and werewolf competitor (Taylor Lautner).

In Chapter II “Twilight – New Moon” (US 2009, D: Chris Weitz) Edward and his family leave the village they used to live in because people might notice their eternal youth. Bella stays lonely and depressed and spends time with Jacob, who turns out is part of a werewolf gang – the Vampires worst enemies.

As Bella is desperate to see Edward she puts herself in dangerous situations to make him come to rescue her.

But enough about the corny plot which of course is all about the two lovers and Bella’s wish to become a vampire. Additionally she is torn btw her friend Jacob who is into her and Edward, who she is desperately in love with.

I am a fan of the landscapes and the soundtrack. The actors are hot of course but more teenager like. Jacob the bodybuilder and Edward the pale beau and Bella, a young, beautiful and not less pale Kristen Steward.

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