Bowling Saturne @Locarno75

A french film noir set somewhere in the north of France – is it Lille? – and the story of two half-brothers, who not only inherit their father’s bowling club “Saturne” but also a certain proclivity for violence.

Armand senior was a respected hunter, he shot all kind of wild animals, even an African lion. Armand junior, his son, seems to be troubled from the beginning. A friend of the diseased father calls him “the basterd” because he doesn’t have the same mother as his brother, who instead is an ambitious policeman. As only legitimate son he inherits everything but leaves the bowling and the apartment of his father to Armand jr, who after a little hesitation accepts to be the new manager and tenant and also takes over his father’s dog.

Armand junior and a girl © Ex Nihilo – Les Films du fleuve

Even though, at first things seem to go the right way with Armand: a new girl’s night is launched at the bowling club, the story is as dark as the film genre implies. There is at least one extremely violent scene and the lust for killing animals or in extenso other living beings seems to run deep in the family’s history, a vicious circle in which at least Armand is stuck in.

Patricia Mazuy director of «Bowling Saturne» © Alexandre Ean

Patricia Mazuy has made a very dark film and some scenes are really hard to watch. Her film is of course better than a normal “Tatort” – a murder story presented on all public german speaking TV channels every Sunday. It has cinematic qualities but isn’t a master piece either.

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