Castells @Locarno75

Another short film worth mentioning is «Castells» by Catalan filmmaker Blanca Camell Galí. Her protagonist Lara returns to her hometown Barcelona after breaking up with her french boyfriend Boris. There, her friends, lovers and the Catalan traditions of the ’castells’ will change her dreams and desires.

The catalan tradition of building “castells”, human towers.

This very well done film shows us a strong female character, who is not afraid of her desires. She sleeps with who she pleases and even though she lives in France she seems deeply rooted in Catalonia. We follow her from Barcelona to her father’s village and back to the station where her journey continues.

Lara (Carla Linares)

Carla Linares embodies Lara with a lot of positive energy and makes us want to believe that it is indeed possible for women nowadays to desire freely and like the director of the film Blanca Camell Galí said herself before the screening “actively”.

Blanca Camell Galí, director of «Castells»

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