Misaligned @Locarno75

As part of the short film programme, «Misaligned» by the polish director Marta Magnuska really stuck out from the rest. From the start this short animated film has a diabolic rhythm that catches your full attention: There’s an annoying fly buzzing around the light bulb in the middle of a room shared by a man, who either scrolls down his phone on the couch or draws (like an animator) at a table, and a woman, who practices her Yoga and cuts vegetables violently in the kitchen.

The atmosphere between the two seems tense and at some point she transforms herself in the fly and gets nearly killed by him, who becomes the fly later… The animation style is rough but works perfectly well and the sound design is awesome. This one won’t let you fall asleep and will probably make you laugh out loud!

Marta Magnuska director of «Misaligned»

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