Les Dieux du supermarché @Locarno75

In every short film program there’s at least one that sticks out from the rest, today it was: «Les Dieux du supermarché» by Alberto Gonzalez Morales, who realised this little visual explosion at the HEAD in Geneva.

Alberto Gonzalez Morales, director of «Les Dieux du supermarché»

Like we say in french “il n’a pas froid aux yeux”, meaning he’s not afraid of looking at some hot stuff, in his case the male body and especially the muscular ones. Starting from underwear models and their six-pack on supermarket products to his Instagram feed and algorithm full of naked male bodies he not only wants to “buy” this kind of imagery but would like to become part of it too. As the narrator says in the short film: He will never own such a body, nor will he have one himself, it’s simply not part of his world. Nevertheless his desire for it is there and it’s like a volcanic eruption, a stream of magma or a kid on a sugar high.

«Les Dieux du supermarché» is exactly the kind of film needed to reflect male bodies becoming a commodity. It shows the business with muscular “sexy” men – starting with the porn film industry – and the receiver part of things: the consumer of this kind of imagery and the thirst trap he finds himself in.

In that sense a big thumb up for this short film and best of luck in the run for the Pardino d’Oro!

A six-pack from «Les Dieux du supermaché»

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