Fairplay @Locarno75

As part of the “Pardi di domani” Swiss Competition «Fairplay» by Zoel Aeschbacher is an audiovisual explosion showing us different crazy games. Starting with a french money game watched on TV in an apartment the action moves to a group of teenagers playing with a knife on a playground and filming there exploits on TikTok. The short film constantly switches between this group and a bunch of people kissing a car as long as they can. The one who keeps his lips the longest on the car will win it in the end. The third game is a corporate event with employees in suits playing musical chairs (Trip to Jerusalem).

People kissing a car to win it
An older employee winning the musical chairs game

Zoel Aeschbacher’s short shows us the down sides of human beings: always in for games when there’s money or jobs involved. The action moves smoothly between the different games and some footage of people getting crazy on black Friday are cut in. A very critical perspective on our frenetic pursuit of capital and material goods and the humiliation people are ready to take to reach their goals. This second very promising film from a student of Geneva’s HEAD after «Les Dieux du supermaché» is a serious candidate for the Pardino d’Oro or any other price.

Zoel Aeschbacher, director of «Fairplay»

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