Short Film Project «Adam & Ève»

This post to let you know that with some friends I am planning a short film project adaptation of the novel «Adam et Ève» by Swiss-French author C.F. Ramuz and for that, we need YOUR support 😀

Our crowdfunding campaign on is in the starting blocks. We’re trying to raise 5000 CHF for the production of a 15-20 min short film based on C.F. Ramuz’ novel «Adam et Ève» and telling the story of a woman and her fiancé meeting in her little paradise of a farm… as you can imagine things don’t go as planned and the presence of the village waitress Lydie causes some unexpected trouble.

For the second time I have casted Marie Zechiel (in the middle of the picture), a professional dancer based in Berlin, with whom I already worked on «Sally in Berlin», based on Christopher Isherwood’s novel “Goodbye to Berlin”. 

I’m also looking forward to work for the third time with doctor and now professional actor André Vauthey (on the left of the picture). So far we worked together on a commercial for KPMG and later on «Sonntags», another crowdfunded short film. And not to forget: Jana Sturny (on the right of the picture), theater coordinator/producer and actress, who also worked on «Sonntags».

The reunited cast and new producer Christelle Ruffieux as well as the DOP Emmanuel Ekejiuba and myself will gather soon to prepare the shooting, which is planned to take place at the end of May 2023. 

Click here to support us! 

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