Trickfilme – Animations

We all try to sell ourselves and therefore pretend to speak English. Even here on this blog I tend to write some posts in English but sometimes I wonder if Swiss-germans realize that by choosing English over their dialect or standard German as spoken language of their films is contra-productive. It’s as though the francohones were too protective of their language and culture and german-speaking people too anglophile. I noticed this during the «Trickfilmwettbewerb» at Solothurner Filmtage. Whilst the Swiss-german productions opted for English, the Swiss-french filmmakers seemed to stick to their mother tongue.

Anyways, let’s talk about the films and forget their language. Difficult to say which one was the best. Generally speaking Swiss Animation Films have a high quality and with HSLU, the Lucerne Art School specialized in animation, you can see that there is a real talent pool in Switzerland. Geneva seems to be another hot spot for animation with Nadasdy Film, a producer and animation studio with a good nose for new talents.

My favorite in this programme was «Armat» by Élodie Amandine Dermange. The film tells the story of her Armenian origins, starting with her great-grandfather Antoine, her great-aunt, her grand-father and finally her father, who had a very difficult childhood and finds it difficult to show his emotions.

Another very well made and funny animation comes from Noah Erni, who I’ve worked with on a storyboard project…, and who’s film «The Invention of Less» retells the story of consumption and environmental crisis from a new, positive perspective: the one of a clever Ice Bear.

«The Invention of Less» by Noah Erni

Also worth mentioning is «Miracasas» produced by Nadasdy Films and created by Raphaëlle Stolz. Set ini a Brazilian village where a funeral takes place after a presumably dead man has been found. The man, probably only paralyzed but seemingly dead, gives them a reason to celebrate and the whole community gathers for the funeral. The film, erotic and original at the same time, tels something about Brazilian culture and their joyful way of being in a morbid situation.

Without saying much, the short animation «Reprise» by Carine Chrast, Saskia Bulletti, Livia Neuenschwander and Leance Volschenk tells the story o a young girl and her stepfather (a fox). With few dialogues and sounds we begin to understand, why she is so afraid of the fox.

«Reprise» by Carine Chrast, Saskia Bulletti, Livia Neuenschwander and Leance Volschenk

I could go on and on: «Boddyssey» made by HSLU-student Jonas Bienz, makes us feel disgusted by a heap of slimy noses and other landscapes resembling some of our body-parts. And «Do Not Feed the Pigeons» by Antonin Niclass is a nice portrayal of different passengers waiting for a delayed bus in an Australian bus station.

Oh and let’s not forget the first in the block: «Think Something Nice» by Claudius Gentinetta, the story of a visit at the dentist, wonderfully illustrated by a seaman sailing in dark waters of the patient’s mouth. Wow!

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