Photo books or classical photo albums?

When we were kids digital cameras didn’t exist. When we were kids our parents would get their films developed and would put the prints in photo albums. That was the most common way to make sure important moments wouldn’t be forgotten.

Nowadays most of us take pictures with their (smart)phones, who are not that smart though. The problem being that with the increasing speed of mobile internet we shoot more and more photos and most of them are useless for a photo album.

When I scroll through my library approximately half the pics were what I would call “informational” pictures, like shots of documents for example (who needs a scanner anymore?). I also have lots of photos taken by others. This is sometimes weird, because out of the whatsapp context I often don’t remember who shot them and sometimes don’t know who’s on them or where they were shot. In that case I would delete them.

I’ve been told you can choose not to save Whatsapp-photos to your library but I want to keep it that way for now because sometimes I get photos of things that I didn’t see whilst I was spending time with a person somewhere for example. Pictures taken from another person are a plus I think because they stand for the other person’s perspective on the world.

Anyway, recently I’ve been trying out new ways of conserving the photos. One way is of course the photo book. For that I tried CEWE and Saal Digital (see my other post on that). Saal Digital offers you a slightly better service than CEWE but if you want to get your photos printed to a moderate price then I would opt for Migros Budget prints (also by CEWE).

My problem with photo books is that I can’t really layout the pictures the way I want. Usually the layouts are preset and quite boring! So I have chosen to get prints and make old-school photo albums instead.

Here’s a description of my process.

I’d be glad to hear how you tackle the “digital photo issue” so feel free to comment this post!



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