Sometimes I have the cheesy wish to freeze the time. I wished we could live forever in the little bubble we have built since Amaury, our son, came to us. We now live in another city (my hometown) close to half the grandparents (which is of course unfair for the two others but we will keep visiting regularly!) and the city and the apartment we live in offer us the perfect living conditions for a new family.

I like meeting my grandma, who lives in the same building, at least once a week. I also see my grandpa more often now. They are the two grandparents I have left and I cherish every moment we can spend together.

For Amaury growing up in Fribourg is certainly a plus because the city is small and the people easy to access. In Zurich I don’t know how it would have turned out. I guess you find new friends with kids but fact is, Zurich is a lot more anonymous and people have another way to interact. I rarely had little discussions on the street with strangers whereas here I meet people at every corner, who want to discuss this and that.

A big plus is also the fact that Fribourg is between the swiss-german and the swiss-french parts and therefore quite bilingual – of course it’s not really and people in Biel/Bienne are more bilingual but still, Fribourg is open on both sides and you can find people willing to speak the so called “partner language” (french/german) when they meet someone monolingual.

Considering this and also the fact that Fribourg has a lot of potential (when it comes to cinema for example, there’s a lot to do!) I do want to click pause for a minute, step back, look at what we already have accomplished and just be grateful. Just one minute.

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