«Seize Printemps» by Suzanne Lindon

It comes without any surprise, that someone with parents like Suzanne Lindon, daughter of Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain, both famous french actors, would be predestined to making movies.

Just 21 years old and her debut film is a done thing: «Seize Printemps» (Spring Blossom) or literally: sixteen springs, which refers to the age of her protagonist Suzanne, a lycéenne from Paris, who is a bit bored with her routine and falls in love with Raphaël, a 35 year old comedian at the theatre she walks past on her way to school.

Suzanne observes Raphaël eating his morning tartine at the Café du théâtre or having a drink with colleagues and lingers around until he finally notices her. They start talking and share a diabolo grenadine, Suzanne’s favorite drink: a mix of lemonade and grenadine sirup.

The mise en scène is charming. Some elements are musical like, for example after their first date, we see Suzanne dancing through the streets to the song “Señorita” by Christophe.

And last but not least Vincent Delerm’s composition for the film: “Seize Printemps” is a real ear worm. I kept waiting for Suzanne and Raphaël to start singing the theme song, instead we see them dance to classical music at a café and the scene is very entertaining.

Suzanne Lindon’s film debut is touching, gracious and so french that one would like to jump on the next train/plane to Paris and look for the little Théâtre de l’Atelier from the movie…

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